Secure Your Funds in Nigeria

Have you voraciously sent ₦10k to get ₦100k in 7 days prior? Did an exchange only to later understand that you have just been raped financially and defrauded? Or used your Credit Card online and found out its just a scam after completing the transactions?

And the scammer even went on to mock your ignorance? Telling you you cant do anything?

Good news is here, follow the steps below, it doesn’t matter if you were defrauded a very long time ago or just recently.

How to retrieve your money back after you have been scammed.

I am sharing this information today on “Tips on the most proficient method to recover your cash after you realize that you were scammed off your money in Nigeria”. It would be ideal if you read cautiously and learn.

At least 20% of online media clients and customers have been defrauded at one point or the other, either huge bucks or little cash and It’s very agonizing. Numerous individuals don’t generally have the foggiest idea of what to do, so here are things to do when you understand a page or a company you paid for a service or product is ghosting you.


Screen capture all past conversations (Instagram and WhatsApp or FaceBook).


Write out the full name, account number and bank of the page or the individual.


Go to the last notice your bank sent you after you completed the transaction (bank mobile application, web, SMS or bank-statement ), then write out the “ID NUMBER or REFERENCE NUMBER for the specific transaction made”.


Go to the bank the trickster used, request to see the Customer assistance responsible for Extortion or Fraud


Print out every one of those information, conversations and proves you had against the trickster, and submit the hard copy. While you are still there, send the soft copies with your complaints through an email to the bank’s official email also and copy CBN FRAUD DESK ” ****@bank.replace, anticorruptionunit@cbn.gov.ng” *notice the comma in between the emails, this will force the bank to take it up quick and ack faster.

What to anticipate from these actions you just completed?


The bank will freeze the offender’s bank accounts.


His/her BVN obstructed/blocked permanently until the issue is solved.


No other Bank account can be allowed to be opened by the suspect neither will he/she have the option to execute banking transactions or business in that name until he clears himself with the bank.


He/she can’t Withdraw, transfer or use the money in their accounts until he/she visits the bank, and when they do, the bank will contact the police and the suspect when proven blameworthy will sign a waiver permitting the bank to refund your cash to your account.

Knowledge is power do share it.

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