Get a done for you data website for your company or request our API (developers) and make more money from telecommunication business now without being broke anymore.

How to own your own website, app and Portal for your own VTU business.

1a, We build an SSL encrypted website and portal for you for only ₦30,000.
1b, We’ll guide you to register with card processing payment gateway.
1c, You preferably should have a registered company and a logo.
1d, We build your app (optional: extra cost).

2, You’ll have to maintain a 200k minimum funds per wallet funding. Although you can start with any amount lower.

3, As a reseller with a website or an app you’ll be able to have other users registered to you and you control your prices too, That’s all.

Cheapest Data

With CheapestData.com,

Automate your business.

Pay the minimum wallet funding amount for resellers to get started today by adding funds to your wallet.

CheapestData Online Pay
CheapestData Online Pay

The amount above the setup cost will be credited into your e-wallet as your capital to start up your own VTU business.

Here is our MTN SME data cost analysis for our data websites, …prices continue to reduce as wallet funding increases:

Category D:
₦200,000 to ₦5M = ₦318

Category C:
₦5M to ₦10M = ₦315

Category B:
₦10M to ₦20M = ₦300

Category A
₦20M and above = ₦290

Website or App creation plans and API:

Option 1

We can give you our API and you develop your site or app by yourself or with your own developer = Free API

Option 2

Done for you data website with SSL and portal = ₦30k

Option 3

Done for you data website + Android App + ₦316 SME starting data price = 55k

Start by upgrading to Investors or Boss plan after adding money to your wallet and wallet account will be verified.

Login > My Account > Add Money

Login > My Account > Upgrade Plan

Start selling with as low as any startup balance (low startup possible Any Amount in your CheapestData.com wallet after the upgrade will be connected to your website)

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