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Have you voraciously sent ₦10k to get ₦100k in 7 days prior? Did an exchange only to later understand that you have just been raped financially and defrauded? Or used your Credit Card online and found out its just a scam after completing the transactions?

And the scammer even went on to mock your ignorance? Telling you you cant do anything?

Good news is here, follow the steps below, it doesn’t matter if you were defrauded a very long time ago or just recently.

How to retrieve your money back after you have been scammed.

I am sharing this information today on “Tips on the most proficient method to recover your cash after you realize that you were scammed off your money in Nigeria”. It would be ideal if you read cautiously and learn.

At least 20% of online media clients and customers have been defrauded at one point or the other, either huge bucks or little cash and It’s very agonizing. Numerous individuals don’t generally have the foggiest idea of what to do, so here are things to do when you understand a page or a company you paid for a service or product is ghosting you.


Screen capture all past conversations (Instagram and WhatsApp or FaceBook).


Write out the full name, account number and bank of the page or the individual.


Go to the last notice your bank sent you after you completed the transaction (bank mobile application, web, SMS or bank-statement ), then write out the “ID NUMBER or REFERENCE NUMBER for the specific transaction made”.


Go to the bank the trickster used, request to see the Customer assistance responsible for Extortion or Fraud


Print out every one of those information, conversations and proves you had against the trickster, and submit the hard copy. While you are still there, send the soft copies with your complaints through an email to the bank’s official email also and copy CBN FRAUD DESK ” ****@bank.replace, anticorruptionunit@cbn.gov.ng” *notice the comma in between the emails, this will force the bank to take it up quick and ack faster.

What to anticipate from these actions you just completed?


The bank will freeze the offender’s bank accounts.


His/her BVN obstructed/blocked permanently until the issue is solved.


No other Bank account can be allowed to be opened by the suspect neither will he/she have the option to execute banking transactions or business in that name until he clears himself with the bank.


He/she can’t Withdraw, transfer or use the money in their accounts until he/she visits the bank, and when they do, the bank will contact the police and the suspect when proven blameworthy will sign a waiver permitting the bank to refund your cash to your account.

Knowledge is power do share it.

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Enter Recipient’s number will be displayed.


Input in the MTN phone number you’ll want to share your MTN Data MB with.


Choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the MB size you’d like to share with the person. It will also confirm the MTN phone number, shareable MB is up to 500MB at a time.


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Payment Agent withdrawal is one of the fastest withdrawal options on Binary.com or Deriv.com, It helps traders more relaxed because getting back their hard-earned trading profits are very simple. Check out how to do this below.

Deriv.com Payment Agent Withdrawal Procedures

How to withdraw through CheapestData.com on Deriv.com

Login to your account (www.Deriv.com).
Click Cashier.
Click Payment Agents.
Click Request withdrawal form.
Activate the withdrawal through the link sent to your mail.
After activation, select by name CheapestData.com among the list of Agents or Select by Agent ID, Input: CR72231.
Input amount……($10 minimum).
Click Withdraw.


Visit https://cheapestdata.com/home/binary-com-deposit-withdrawals/
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Submit (Your cash will be sent).

Binary.com Payment Agent Withdrawal Procedures

How to withdraw through CheapestData.com

Login to your account (www.binary.com)
Click Cashier.
Click withdrawal through Agent.
Activate the withdrawal through the link sent to your mail.
After activation, select CheapestData.com among the list of Agents.
Input amount……($10 minimum).
Click Submit.


Visit https://cheapestdata.com/home/binary-com-deposit-withdrawals/
Click send your withdrawal notice.

What if withdrawal brings an error or not successful?

Visit How To Verify Your Account, currently just click on the hovering bottom right circle and chat with an agent and request that your account to be activated for payment agent withdrawal and that’s if your account is already verified.

If not yet verified and account verification page still tells you no need for verification yet? Then go chat with the Droid then navigate to talk with an online support agent, then request for quick account verification.

Wow! Is withdrawal Successful?

The competion page includes more instructions on how to get yet funds, vist https://cheapestdata.com/home/binary-com-deposit-withdrawals/

There you’ll find a questionnaire form on how we can send your cash to you ASAP. Very easy just click on the “Click To Send Your Withdrawal Notice” button.

If you still wonder how to trade forex/binary for the profits please contact our customer support, also open a free account with CheapestData.com Registration

Binary.com is rebranding to Deriv

Not being able to withdraw sometimes if you deposited via another means that is currently inaccessible to you currently is very frustrating. Watch the video below for more guide.

To avoid such, your account needs to be verified, you can know if your account is verified you are seeing the little ✅  sign close to you CR Number.


Get a done for you data website for your company or request our API (developers) and make more money from telecommunication business now without worrying about manual delivery anymore.

How to own your own website, App and Portal for your own VTU business.

1a, Register > Login > Verify account by adding money into your wallet

1b, We build an SSL encrypted website and portal for you for only ₦30,000 or see more options.

1c, We’ll guide you on how to register with card processing payment gateway.

1d, You preferably should have a registered company and a logo.

1e, We build your Mobile App (optional).

2, You fund your wallet to the amount of your category of choice.

3, As a reseller with a website or an app you’ll be able to have other users registered to you and you control your prices too, That’s all.

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Here is our MTN SME data cost analysis for your data websites, …prices continue to reduce as wallet funding increases:

Discount CategoriesWallet Balance RequiredMTN SME Data Discounted Price
Mini Starter1000 to 200,000320
Starter200,001 to 5M316
Business5,000,001 to 10M310
Merchant10,000,001 to 20M290
Premium MerchantAbove 20M280
Based on wallet funding amount.This will be your continuous funding threshold whenever you want to fund your wallet.Note: The more your investment, especially towards any choice product, the cheaper the product gets.
You choose your profit target, well also train you on getting your audience engaged and happy returning customers.
CheapestData Online Pay
CheapestData Online Pay

Pay the minimum wallet funding amount required to get started today by adding funds to your wallet.

Website or App creation plans and API:


We give you our API on request so you can develop your site or app by yourself or with your developer.


A subdomain example www.xyz.com/yourportal where your portal is your unique company name or telecom venture name. No one will be able to register on the previous exampled www.xyz.com site except via your subdomain link www.xyz.com/yourportal.

Terms: It is free and with at least an average weekly sales target of ₦10,000 sales on MTN SME Data or a ₦20,000 cumulative weekly sales from all products, calculated monthly, where you get paid every month from your earnings of the past month.

You don’t need any upfront investment for this plan except you want an APP of Google Play Store which cost only a $25 one-time payment to Google then we will create your Mobile APP for you free of charge.


Done for you data website with SSL and portal = ₦30k


Done for you data website + Android App + ₦316 SME starting data price = 55k

You’ll start the above plans by upgrading to Investors or Boss plan after adding money to your wallet and wallet account will be verified.

Login > My Account > Add Money See automated wallet funding guide.

Login > My Account > Upgrade Plan

You may also start selling with low startup balance (low startup possible, that’s any amount left in your CheapestData.com wallet after the upgrade will be connected to your website)

For API only setup? The upgrade fee will be credited back to your wallet once you’ve completed your site.


With a minimum of a dedicated ultrafast mini server of a 40 subdomain servers capacity (40 websites for 40 resellers/companies under yours.

Example: www.YourCompany.com/Company1 to Company40 or Company10000

Cost: Minimum MultiSite-Server is ₦210k/year, App and default design site setup = ₦10k, customized site design is also available too.

Capital: Choose from any the Funding Categories above.

The difference between the MultiSite Owners and the Single Website Owners is that a MultiSite Owner can give out portals to others while a Singular Website only sells products.

You may also choose to own both the Singular and the Multisite web portals, the Singular website is for your own direct sales and the Multisite is for your reseller portals. They work 24/7 automatically for your resellers to drive sales as if they own a website too and your funds are secured by the use of Providus bank’s digital banking technology.

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MTN Daily and Weekly data browsing plans

₦200 1GB 7 DAYS Dail *131*65*2*1#
₦50 25MB 24 HOURS Text “114” to 131
₦100 75MB 24 HOURS Text “104” to 131
₦350 1GB 24 HOURS Text “155” to 131
₦200 200MB 2 DAYS Text “113” to 131
₦500 2GB 2 DAYS Text “154” to 131
₦500 2.5GB 2 DAYS Dail *131# and follow through
₦300 350MB 7 DAYS Text “102” to 131
₦500 1GB 7 DAYS Text “142” to 131
₦1500 6GB 7 DAYS Text “143” to 131
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Below is a list of commercial banks with International Authorization in Nigeria.

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  2. Fidelity Bank Plc
  3. First City Monument Bank Limited
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  5. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  6. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  7. United Bank for Africa Plc
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